Thursday, January 20, 2011

This hits close to home....

I was always told when growing up: "If you lay with dogs, you're gonna get fleas." Rep. Tom Feeney for FL-24 has worse than the fleas, he's got full blown mange. The Congressman has been asked by FBI agents for information about his dealing with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Others that have been asked that same question include imprisoned former Congressman Bob Ney, and indicted former House Majority Leader Tom Delay.
This story brings me a personal sense of satisfaction, because Rep. Feeney just happens to be my Congressman. Everyone in Florida's 24th has known for years that he was a crook, and has only held his seat in Congress because of a lack of a true Democratic party structure in the district. With that being said, Feeney did face a moderate challenge from a virtual unknown in 2006. Feeney is a weak candidate, with even weaker personal ethics.
Feeney really should never have won this seat, it baffles my mind that he did. Volusia county, which is largely in this district was one of the few counties in Florida that went overwhelmingly for Kerry in 2004.
Hopefully this latest investigation will encourage someone from my district who hasn't had the ability to run in the past to step up and help to return Florida to its status as a blue state. I wish I weren't going to be in Montana through the 2008 election so that I could help this happen.

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